We are a group of cloth doll makers who meet once a month in Farnborough, Hampshire. There is a range of abilities, but we are all enthusiastic and keen to learn new skills, as well as practice old ones. It's a very friendly and low key environment in which to learn and craft, and while we do that we drink tea, eat donuts and discuss a wide range of topics.

Monday, 5 September 2016

August 2016 meeting

Being the holiday season our August meeting was rather thinly attended. However there were still some lovely displays by those who attended.
The geisha dolls were made by Maureen. She reduced the larger size pattern that Karen sent us and made these. They look lovely and we all thought that the smaller size really works well.

This beautiful Spanish lady was created by Maureen in Ray Slater's class

This lovely colourful dragon was made by Jenny. All the colours co-ordinate beautifully.

This is Karen's blond doll. She has beautiful tresses.
Mavis as always was making some fun figures. This is a cute mouse/rat she made. Reminds me of a mouse that once walked into my kitchen and gave me a scare 😀
This a fun looking cat she is working on. Both the figures are made in felt.

This is a fun wall hanging doll made by Shashi 

Like many of our multi talented ladies Ann Sanders's is a multi talented lady too.  Among many of her talents beading is one of them. This is a needle case and some beautiful bracelets that she has made

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

June 2016 meeting

The meeting was well attended. We had a wonderful time together and saw some wonderful creations made by the members.  Here are the beautiful creations

Mavis's donut isn't he amazing

Mavis's crochet doll

Karen's plastic dolls. They are lovely so creatively done.

Anne's beautiful geisha doll

Shashi's exotic enchanted bird doll

Shashi's silk and lace doll.

Margaret's very cute bunnies with very cute costuming

Sally's Jack Frost made with plastic and filled with shiny bits which really make it look like frost. Cool idea.

Sally's embroidered fan. So exquisitely embroidered.

Cathy laying out her beautiful quilt blocks

We also had Anne, Judith, and Joan bring some lovely goodies to take home.

Joan brought in this almost life size doll which was hilarious. And Karen trying to make her dance her last dance before she was sent away to the nether lands . :) 

Friday, 13 May 2016

Belated post

First of all we would like to welcome our new members , Jackie Freyne and Cathy Park.
We are delighted to have them in our group and look forward to seeing their creative works.
We also sadly bid farewell to Jane. However we hope that our paths will cross again once she is settled in her new home .
Due to various reasons we have not been able to update our blog, however here are some pictures of creations by our members.

The plastic challenge doll made by Karen

Cathy with her beautiful fabrics for her quilt

Multi tasking going on here. Chatting and making dolls

The Geisha doll prototypes made by Sally to show hair made from differing mediums,

The suffragette fighting clear of the heavy Victorian quilt is made by Mavis the dollmaker extraordinaire she is called Cutting Loose. 

The blue lady with the IPhone  is called Pressing Buttons made also by Mavis. Both the dolls are being exhibited in the Wey Valley Workshop exhibition, “Threads of Meaning,” currently at Guildford House Gallery in Guildford, and will be there until Sunday 22nd May

 Ann's beautiful Geisha doll. 

Sunday, 31 January 2016

What we are upto

Our club ladies have been very busy creating in-spite of the busy season. So here is their handy work

Anne's dolls

Anne's geisha in progress

A dragon from Melinda Small Paterson's design

 Doll made in Ankie Daanen's class

Maureen's dolls made from Peggy Wilson's patterns

Margret's doll in progress from Arley Berry's class

Karen's rag doll in progress

Jenny's Geisha doll from Sally Brockbank's pattern

Jenny's dragon in progress

Mavis's patchwork in progress

Kathy's quilt in progress

Maureen's rabbit in progress

Some lovely pin dolls collections of Mavis

Shashi's doll Spring ( head from a pattern by Mary Ann and body pattern by Sherry Goshan)


This doll is available as a downloadable pattern from Dollstreetdreamers  Aforartistic, and Dollmakersjourney